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CHY(SAIRUI) MALL is just like any e-commerce business like Jumia, Amazon, AliBaba , Kikuu etc…

A legally registered e-commerce company with over 55 countries and Ghana being its African Headquarters with several offices & service centres across the globe. With your one time payment own a shop online in CHYmall and make sales/profits using the NEW RETAIL concept as proposed by Jack Ma founder of Alibaba Group in 2016.

What it says is,

Shop with us by partnering with us using a onetime amount to own a shop in our mall
Part of this money is used to open your shop in our mall… This is the registration fee
2nd part of it is your trading capital which you’ll use to stock your shop with goods for us to sell for you, give a product worth $50 or above to you depending on the VIP package(shop) level you’re operating. This part of the amount is actually your own money, you can withdraw it at any time you want plus your accumulated profits… 💰💰💰
I will sell your products in 10-12days, give you back your profits & give you the chance to either trade again or you can call it a quit with me if you don’t like the profits & free products earned…
✅ No compulsory referrals, you earn money(profits) 💰💰💵💵 by trading in your shop

✅ no selling of products yourself to earn commission which is a headache as evident in some network marketing companies 🤣🤣🤣

✅ No monthly subscriptions (authorship) to get products to continue doing business with us!

Your VIP package you choose here according to your financial muscle is a 100% ONETIME PAYMENT!…… lifetime enjoyment🤑🤑


✅ TRADING MONEY IS YOURS IT IS USE TO STOCK YOUR SHOP (meaning u can withdraw it anytime!) woooooooow!!!
the world is changing faster, technology is moving higher don’t be left out


CHY MALL or SAIRUI E-COMMERCE is an E-Commerce business (online mall) that runs on a trading system called “NEW RETAIL”.

Here, You make money by buying a product very cheap with your trading capital from the mall's wholesale store at wholesale price. After buying from the wholesale, you place it for sell at the mall's retail store at retail price.

The mall sells the products for you on the retail store at retail price and handover the profit plus your trading capital back to you. It takes 10 to 12days for the mall to sell the product for you. You are free to trade again with your trading capital to make another round of profit after 10 to 12days, over and over again you can keep trading to make more profit until you're tired of doing business.

When you become tired of doing business, you are free to withdraw your trading capital plus all the profits you have been withdrawing.

Mind you, you don't need to sell any product. All you have to do, is to pick what you want to trade on and leave the company to sell it for you. In 10days, you will be getting your profit. send us a message to join our team.

The Bank🏦.

You have a bank account with a Bank🏦.

You deposit your money in your account.

The Bank 🏦 uses your money to invest into Forex,Land Properties, they lend people with heavy interests and they make huge profits with your money.

The Bank 🏦 gives you NOTHING for using your money to trade, rather they subtract from your account.

You did the Bank 🏦 a favour by lending them your money and what do they do? They rip you off.

How much interest do they pay you for lending them money? Nada!

The Bank 🏦 charge you for withdrawing your own money. They charge you to collect ATM card. They charge you monthly for card maintenance. They even charge you when you deposit into your account. Kai!

So the Bankers(Bank Owners) keep getting wealthy off the money you gave them , and they reduce your money overtime.

This is why the 🏦 is not your friend.

Insurance Companies are also not your friend.

These Insurance companies make a whole lot off your money and give you a meagre profit, at least better than the banks.

So what do you do?..

Do like the Bank 🏦.

Yes! Use your money to make more money for yourself.

When your money makes more money for you, you grow financially.

But when you heap your money in the Bank 🏦,the bank grows, while you remain stagnant!

Invest in something meaningful today!

Auto Trading or Manual Trading in Chymall. Watch this Video to decide which one is better.

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